Did you hear that?

That is a BIG sigh of relief…..WE HAVE A HEARTBEAT!!!

Gabriel and I went in for our ultrasound today and our tiny little blueberry has a strong heartbeat of 127 bpm.  FANTASTIC!

My chance of miscarriage has now dropped to 5-10%, which I’m more than happy to take!

I even got a bag – the coveted bag my OB/GYN gives out to newly pregnant women, which includes magazines, books and class information.

I walked out of the ultrasound room to be greeted by my nurse and secretary with big smiles, congratulations and THE BAG!

We’ll have weekly ultrasounds for a few more weeks, which I am not complaining about.

So….where does that leave this once infertile girl?

Not sure.  I am not planning on documenting each step of the pregnancy, at least not here on the blog.  Mostly because I know I have many close friends that are still struggling in their process and the last thing I need to do is throw it in their faces…it’s going to be hard enough on them seeing that I’ve had success and they are still waiting for theirs.  This process has taught me a valuable lesson on how I will share my happiness over this pregnancy with those not quite there yet – I’m sure I won’t be perfect, but I will try my hardest to be sensitive and compassionate.

For a short time, I’m signing off…..this momma needs to rest 🙂

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  1. I’m soo happy for you Melissa! Please keep me posted on your progress. I’m starting up lactation consulting again so if you need any help, please call me! I can armrest help you over the phone or via email. I’m so blessed to have been a part of this journey with you! I wish the very best for you and your growing family! Take care…keep in touch!

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