My devoted fans

Sorry – I’ve been slacking!

It’s been a long time since I’ve last posted, but honestly, there is not much to say.

Yes, as of today, I am still pregnant.  My blood work is all coming back nicely, but the real truth will be the ultrasound tomorrow afternoon.  Until then, all we do is wait.

Waiting sucks.  Some may think that in my world, that would be fine.  I am so active, I could just do something to keep myself busy and before you know it, the wait would be over.  But, no!  That’s the kicker – I AM NOT ALLOWED TO DO ANYTHING!  And it’s driving me bonkers!

No hiking.  No running.  No skiing.  No biking.

I will find out tomorrow if I’m allowed to swim, which will finally give me an outlet to enjoy something outside of reading, knitting and watching re-runs of 24.  Despite my best efforts, Gabriel is holding true to his beliefs of not having cable, so I’m stuck with any shows I can find on Netflix.  Luckily, teaching at the University has taken up a good chunk of my time so I have that.

Given that there is nothing new to report, I figured you didn’t need to hear about my boring life.  I promise I’ll update once there is more to know.


Did you hear that??  That was my big deep breath in.  I’ll be holding my breath now until tomorrow’s ultrasound 🙂