Got milk?

I’ve kept you all waiting long enough.  So, here it goes………………………..

No wine for me for 9 more long months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is still SUPER early, but I knew when I started this blog, along with the (amazing) support throughout the IVF process, would also come the fact that I would be sharing either good or bad news early, especially in respect to when other couple’s typically share this type of news.

With that said, please control your excitement.  Although we are overjoyed with these initial results, there is still a high chance of miscarriage, as with any early pregnancy.

So, no congratulatory emails, calls, balloons or flowers, please, it’s just easier this way.

Although, now that I think about it, I really do enjoy homemade chocolate cake with homemade butter chocolate frosting and Gabriel loves any bold Belgian-style microbrew (oh, how I miss thee), so feel free to show your excitement with the above listed items 🙂

I will have my first ultrasound in a week and I’m sure if all is well with that, we’ll feel even better about an eventual happy ending.

Until October 9, 2012 – cheers….with a cold flute of Pol Roger Brut 1998, eh hem, I mean a cold glass of milk, of course 🙂

2 thoughts on “Got milk?

  1. I saw your blog one day and you are a wonderful writer! Your story is so moving! I think it is amazing you are willing to share it. I hope that all goes well with your journey from here.

  2. Was just thinking about you guys (and sending warm thoughts your way) this morning on my walk to work! Woo hoo & good, sticky luck to you!

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