If some drugs are good, more drugs are better

Did you know that Walgreens has an entire “specialty pharmacy” dedicated to fertility? The Walgreens specialty building must be made out of gold and all of the employees fly to work in private jets. That has to be the case, because what would possibly be a better explanation as for why they charge so much for their drugs. 6 weeks worth of drugs and $3,000 later, I’m ready to start IVF 🙂

So…check them out ladies and gentlemen…. This is what $3,000 (non-insurance covered) will buy you!


Regardless of the cost, it’s crazy how big these needles are! I can’t believe Gabriel has to inject this thing into my butt muscle (or as I like to call it “my meat”) for upwards of 6 weeks!

I’m sure we’ll both eventually get used to it, but man, nothing less sexy than having your husband inject you with meds daily, or even multiple times a day. It would all be worth it if the daily injections miraculously made me turn into Jessica Alba, but since they’ll more likely just turn me into a hormonal, bloated brat, I think they’ll be less sexy.

So, cheers to really big needles, overpriced medications and beautiful, non-hormonal women everywhere!

Happy New Year!!


2 thoughts on “If some drugs are good, more drugs are better

  1. Looks familiar, right down to the red sharps container. Our insurance (thank goodness they cover most of the costs!) requires that we use the Walgreens fertility pharmacy. I’ve been using the follistim pen + ovidrel + progesterone suppositories, though we are now taking a break to try to find the root cause of my infertility before moving on to IVF. And I thank all that is good in the world that we have only had to do the little needles in my gut so far, no meat shots! :S Good luck lady!

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