Eggs, they are a growin’

Arrived in Spokane on Tuesday and settled into my hotel room.  It’s weird being here for “medical” reasons because I am not sick, have little to no interaction with my doctor and aside from my thrice daily injections of medications, have no other reminders that I am here for fertility treatment.  I wish there was a way to stay in my hometown of Missoula and go through IVF, but until I can convince a reporductive endocronolgist that the lifestyle is better in Montana than in Colorado, I’m stuck traveling to Spokane.

I saw my doctor Wednesday morning for the first time.  I have no other way to explain the experience other than this…I’ll give you the visual description that you must imagine followed by what actually is happening at this appointment

Close your eyes….

Visualization Actual
Barn in the middle of a large poorly cared for field Dated doctors office in the middle of a dirty city
Hundreds of sad looking cows lost and scared 20+ 20-40 year old women looking anxious and nervous
Disgruntled farmer luring the cows in to the barn with hopes of nutritious grass, hay and silage Mean doctor luring them into the exam room with hopes of impregnating them
The cows are fattened, branded then slaughtered (sorry to all my vegetarian readers 🙂 The women are poked, proded and then sent on our way without a word from the mean doctor

Ok, so I don’t know anything about cows and how they are cared for, but I do know a thing or two about health care, and that how the women were treated at the doctors office was disgraceful.  Despite that, I don’t really care, because honestly, the point is not to make a new friend in this doctor, but rather to use his brain power to get me pregnant.   The rest of the staff in his office, including my nurse, are fantastic.

The best part – the mean doctor seems to know what he is doing.  On my ultrasound yesterday, he saw approximately 12 follicles, which hopefully will have 12 mature eggs in them on the day of my retrieval procedure.  And until that day, and confirmation that my eggs are forming to become embryos, there is nothing I can do – a rather unsettling fact.

Until then, I will continue to visit my doctors office, enjoy Spokane and anxiously await the hopefully positive news at the end of all this.


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  1. I had the visual crystal clear – it was as if you were describing just 30 miles past Spokane – I SWEAR! I’m happy to hear his nurses make up for his lack of personality! Miss you!

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