Just figured this out…

Now that I’ve put my story out there into the blogosphere – there is no turning back!

Everyone and their moms (literally, I’ve received emails from my friend’s mom’s) have read this blog. OK – not everyone, but at least most of the people in MY world and Facebook.  Everyone in my world knows what the next step is in the process of getting me pregnant – IVF.

IVF is funny. A couple months before even going for the “series”, I know the approximate date I will “get pregnant”. As of now, mine is scheduled for January 21, 2012.  9 days later, I will have a blood test to determine if it “takes”.

Which means that around January 30, I’ll know if I’m pregnant – but where does that leave all of you? My wonderful friends, family and random strangers who are following this blog?

I think you’ll know everything as I do. Cuz why not?

I was chatting with a girlfriend today about the whole idea/wives tale/superstition of waiting the full 12 weeks to tell the general population that a woman is pregnant.

I know this is a relatively touchy subject, although it seems the general consensus in my immediate circle is waiting the full 3 months to tell the exciting news (most often in a big Facebook post).

Regardless of others opinions, I am ok with people knowing the “good” news early. I’ve weighed the pros and cons (appendix a).

Appendix A:                                                                                               Cons of telling before 12 weeks:

– There is a high chance of miscarriage and having people know you are pregnant, only to have to tell them you are no longer pregnant kinda sucks (I know…it has happened to me 3 times – I’ll explain later 🙁 )  That includes the disappointment for our family, which sucks!

Pros of telling before 12 weeks:

– You don’t have to pretend at parties that you are not pregnant.  I would not have to fake drinking an alcoholic beverage by asking the bartender to give me diet coke but to add a lime, cherry and a cute little mixing straw just to make it look like I’m drinking.  This also includes other “forbiddens” of pregnancy, like hot dogs, deli meat, raw sushi and soft cheese (and everyone knows how much I love me some good Brie cheese!)  I could just flat out tell people “I am pregnant, so I am not partaking” and leave it at that.


As you can see, it’s a score of 1:1 (pros vs. cons) – A TAMARACK TIE 🙂

Regardless of everyone’s opinions of this blog, in which I have to say has been 95% positive with only a couple of my friends looking down on it (although they would never admit it – I just know from their comments to me), I feel that what I’m doing is a good thing.

I’m not being quiet about infertility or the struggles it takes to get pregnant.  I’m admitting to the world that this is difficult and that, unlike some, it’s not something that HAS to be gone through alone.

Which means, you’ll all be a part of it with me.  I’ll keep you posted on all the good, bad and hopefully exciting news when the time is right!

Will it be hard if I miscarry? – possibly,  but I would not be going through it alone, which makes the whole thing easier.

So, thanks in advance for your support 🙂


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